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Protect your family from life's unexpected events


Family Income Benefit from Dorset Financial Planning

Winston Churchill was quoted saying "If I had my way, I would write the word ‘insure’ upon the door of every cottage and upon the blotting book of every public man, because I am convinced, for sacrifices so small, families and estates can be protected against catastrophes which would otherwise smash them up forever."

"It is the duty to arrest the ghastly waste, not merely of human happiness, but national health and strength, which follows when, through the death of the breadwinner, the frail boat in which the family are embarked, founders and the women and children and the estates are left to struggle in the dark waters of a friendless world."

Everyone should anticipate how life events can have a serious effect on how they or their dependants live. Everyone with a mortgage should consider property insurance, and in nearly all cases the lender will insist on this as a condition of the mortgage.

If you have loved ones relying on you, as well as the mortgage being paid off in the event of your passing away, how would they cope without your income?  How long will the cover be needed? There are various life products which can be used with mortgages and in addition to a mortgage.
Life Insurance from Dorset Financial Planning

Life Insurance from Dorset Financial Planning

Life insurance can pay your dependents (husband or wife and/or children) money as regular payments if you die over the remaining term and can be used to provide financial protection and reassurance your loved ones will be looked after if you are no longer there.
You can replace your current monthly income and is important when you have:
• Children who depend on you.
• Husband or wife who depend on your income.

The Money Advice Service warns that you cannot rely on the government to take care of your family – the money they would get from the state is much lower than you’d probably expect.
If you are not sure whether you need cover please give a protection adviser a call.
As your adviser, we have a duty of care to make sure you are protected against life’s unexpected events and you may recall we discussed this at your initial meeting.

Using expert product knowledge from our mortgage advisers, we can help you find the most appropriate solution for you. We can access high quality products from a range of handpicked providers; Aviva, Legal and General, Vitality and Zurich; whom we have selected because they are proud to stand behind claims when it matters the most.

A helping hand from DFP

Our adviser or mortgage broker at Dorset Financial Planning understands income protection better than most and can help you find a product that is right for you in terms of cost, benefits and service.

An adviser or mortgage broker will contact you to arrange a suitable time to discuss this and make sure you have the adequate protection in place for you and your family.

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